Armor samurai Period - Edo Bushi Eighteenth Century

O-yoroi suit-of-arms with bleu and beige cords and strips of smoked leather (egawa) as decoration.

The maedate of the helmet is in the shape of a sword blade surmounted on either side by a pair of antlers (kuwagata).

Seven parts shoulders guards (sode) protect the shoulders and the brocade arm covers are strengthened by metal rings.

The domaru-cuirass consists of horizontal strips of metal, almost completely covered by lacing cords. Rich brocade is used for the cuisses (haidate) that protect the hips and the upper legs. With leg-pieces (suneate).

In a store-box which is placed inside a lattice frame (yoroibako).
Edo Period.
An oyoroi was originally used by the high-ranking warriors (bushi), who during the Japanese Middle-ages (since the beginning of the 10th century) were required to serve as cavalrymen and archers

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