Pair of Medicis vase , Florence XIX century

Couple of imposing parade vases, of the second halves the XIX
century, the great cup with handles to the parts, is surrounded by branches of
embossed grapevine with clusters of grape, while the superior part finishes with
a great hat to motives grottesque.

Coming from a villa - medicea in the outskirts in Florence, these
vases were situated to the parts of the principal entry, they had the purpose to
embellish valorizing the entrance as well as symbol of tradition and strength.

In Tuscany are not rare to behold especially in farmhouses between
Florence and Siena , but we believe that the market simplicity which are rare to

Terra cotta of Florence
Dimensions : height 69 inc (170 cm ) X Width
23,62 inc ( 60 cm )
Period : second half of the nineteenth century
Provenance : Villa
Medici - Florence - ancient village
Perfect condition , there are no

Sergio Schina
Antique dealer of Florence
Expert from cortedegliulivi Gallery
Member of CINOA - FIMA Italy

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