Wood italian sculpture, Saint or Sibyl XVIth Century

Nice large Italian statue carved silver and gold, representing a Virgin, Holy or Sibyl.

Collection Industrial of Florence.
Author: Attr. Giovanni brothers Pietro and Giovanni Ambrogio De Donati- documented among 1484 and 1524
Measures: Height 98 cm
Period: XVI century to the 1500-1510
Wood painted lime, silver and gold .
Restoration executed by the workshop Ms. Donatella Gabba and Ms.Vincenzo Basilio to Ortone.

Lacking the right hand and a mointre gap in the quadrangular pedestal.
The file with the complete chemical analysis of the wooden sculpture, will be given to disposal of the buyer, it will be also issued on 12 pages - by Prof. Fulvio Cervini, Department of History, Art, Archaeology and Geography - University of the Studies in Florence.

Distinct analogies to our sculpture attributed to the Brothers De Donati, they are near the HEARST CASTLE California, owned by Ms. magnate Randolph Hearst, as he said in a 2002 publication Prof. Fulvio Cervini, at the time Superintendent and to the Comptroller General Beux Arts - Lombardy Region.

Sergio Schina
Antique dealer of Florence

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