Architecture Clock, Signed By Dubois Et Fils - Castles

Rare portico shaped gilt bronze clock, the lateral parts openwork olgive adorned with jewels, she presents a dial enamelled has Roman numerals for the hours and Arabic for minutes signed Dubois Fils rue Saint - Honore No. 22 with underneath a decor openwork aitlee a victory, scrolls and palmettes. 

The amounts are fluted pilaster surmounted wings masks. It rests on a rectangular base carved with water leaves, complete with pads flattened ball. 

Empire Period 
Signed on the dial Dubois et Fils - 22, Rue Saint-Honoré 
H.42 cm X 26.5 cm X L. 19 cm 
P. Key and original balance. An identical model of the pendulum is kept at the National Museum of the castles of Fontainebleau and benefits of the comprehensive study of Jean-Pierre Samoyault. 
Delivered to castles Lepaute by September 24, 1807, it is mentioned in the memorandum of March 22, 1808 "three of the five clocks are égalment golden bronze matte ... the price of each of them agreed to six hundred francs. .. "a state of the expenditure in 1807 states:". Lepaute 3 clocks, medium model architecture decorated with pilasters fluted, mounted on their plinths, all golden matt gold ring with movement because of one 600fr " .
It is described in 1810 in the second bedroom choucher to the apartment on the ground floor of the courtyard ... "a pendulum square cocle, gilded bronze, architecture model, fluted pilasters, arched arcade on the front and warheads on the coast, under the dial pedestal carved oval basin ... 0.45 high and 0.25 ". 
These clocks qualified "architecture" in the briefs and submissions are very successful in the end of XVIII century to the early nineteenth. 


The clocks and bronzes of furnishing entered under the First Empire. Collections catalog of the National Museum of castles in Fontainebleau Paris 1989 NMR Ed Page 69, No. 32 AN 505.

Dubois Denis-Francois - Paris Me 1767 / Fin XVIIIth century 

Encyclopedia of Francaise The Pendulum, pages 175/522. 

Expert: Jean -Pierre Samoyault 
Inspector General museums. - Chief Curator of the National Museum of the Château de Fontainebleau (1988). - General Heritage Curator. - Deputy Head of the National Furniture and Manufactures des Gobelins, Beauvais and Savonnerie (2002) 

Sergio Schina La Corte degli Ulivi Gallery

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