Cartel Louis XV, half of the 18th century

Cartel remarkable painted wood, brass and gilded bronze turbulent form resting on a console applies, the dial with Roman and Arabic numerals are black enamel on white background.
Decorated with flowers on a red background. Ringing of the quarter-hour, the half hour and hour.
Louis XV period: first half of the eighteenth century
Dimensions: Height 116 cm
Completely revised by our watchmaker in Florence (Chef Workshop Mr.A.Berlincioni watchmaker, founded in 1930) two-year warranty.
Provenance: Castle in the countryside of Amiens in Picardy.
Authenticity and valid original certificate.

In 1728, the Martin brothers of Paris are developing an imitation-based paint copal varnish Martin, designed to compete with the Chinese lacquers and Japan. This varnish, cheaper to decorate furniture that applying lacquer panels, also served to align furniture with a large curve, the lacquered panels that do not support being too rounded. The varnish Martin created the connection between these panels to the cabinet is visually homogeneous. However, he had his own existence by reproducing and performing works by painters of the time applied to furniture as a background.
The varnish Martin was also used in the nineteenth century furniture style. His biggest problem is to be fragile water. It was not until the late nineteenth century that eventaillists, very opportunistic, give the name Martin varnish to fans like broken (all strands connected by a ribbon of silk or skin. These fans pastiches the eighteenth century. By no means varnish brothers Martin was used on fans in the eighteenth century.

Sergio Schina
Italian Federation Art of Dealers

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