Necklace of pearls, gold, sapphires and diamonds, signed Mellerio

Important Three-row dog necklace braided with cultured pearls enhanced by a 750 ° / °° gray gold flower clasp decorated with a sapphire pavé in a diamond entourage, circa 1920, by Mellerio Mellerio.
Former jewel box brown leather, Monogram engraved gold MB.

Gross weight: 53.3g
Measures: Length 37 cm X Width 2cm
Provenance: Descendants Florentine family, Ms Gherardini.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and quality issued by Mrs. FF Expert gemologist at the Court of Rome, IGI teacher (International Gemological Institute - Antwerp).

Mellerio: the jeweler of the queens :
The Mellerio are French jewelers from Italy. Their ancestors enjoyed the privilege of "carrying and selling cut crystal, hardware and other small goods" throughout the kingdom of France, by virtue of a royal decree granted in 1613 by Regent Marie de Medici.

Although their small jewelery business prospered towards the end of the 18th century, it was at the beginning of the 19th century that the Mellerio settled permanently in Paris. Their house is at its peak, between the July Monarchy and the Second Empire, from both an economic and an artistic point of view. It succeeds not only in adapting to the trends of the day, but also in getting ahead of them.

Through the study of this family home, we address all questions relating to the history, categories, techniques and methods of jewelry making, as well as the stylistic evolution and artistic influences of the Mellerio during the period 1830 -1870 which was the most revealing and fruitful for their home. Jeweler of all the queens of France since Marie de Medici, the oldest French family company with fourteen uninterrupted generations, Mellerio said Meller (the name is francisé from the seventeenth century) wrote for 400 years the pages of a unique history in the world.

Marie-Antoinette's bracelet and the incredible epic that leads François Mellerio to the Conciergerie on the day of the queen's execution. The intimate commands of Empress Josephine, Queen Marie-Amelie, Queen Isabel II of Spain or Empress Eugenie. Princess Mathilde's bouquet of diamond roses, Prince Yusupov's diamonds, the wedding gifts of the Princesses of France ... All these treasures, many of which are still worn - such as the fabulous ruby ??set of the Dutch court - , have a unique creator: Mellerio said Meller.

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Sergio Schina
Antique dealer in Florence

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